About Us / History

Primotex is a Scandinavian button manufacturer that produces buttons and trims that are sold to all corners of the world. The main production facility is today located in China outside Wenzhou since 1997. In 2019 Primotex has partnered with the Experience Group of Bangladesh and due to this partnership we are capable of producing our extensive collection also in Bangladesh.

Primotex works directly with a lot of brands but also through a lot of production companies, trading companies, and vendor factories around the world. The list of well-known clothing brands that use buttons manufactured by Primotex is too extensive to exhaust but includes among others Jack & Jones, H&M, American Eagle, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, MaxMara, Dockers, Levis and many more.

Today Primotex has the capacity to supply 60 million polyester buttons per month, and a high capacity of metal buttons; and Primotex is continuously adding production capacity.